Password Manager Lite


Search everywhere to find your login details is now a thing of the past. With Password Manager Lite you can login quickly and securely. Store all your website login data encrypted offline easily. When you have added all your favorite websites you can store everything encrypted with your main personal key. You can choose between 3DES or AES encryption, of which AES is the strongest option. The next time you want to open it, simply enter the same key. You can also create a backup so that you have an option to restore the old file. Password manager lite closes itself after 10 minutes. This is safer if you forget to do it. Also includes the option to block the textboxes to protect the content from being changed and copied. You can disable these options in the menu.


Personal Encryption Key

Choose your key color, which encryption method you like, and your personal PIN code. Your data is then stored encrypted via several files. You can choose between strong and less strong encryption. AES is the strongest one. Combined with these three choices, it becomes even more difficult to crack. This program does not store anything online, making it safe from hackers. If you use this program on a USB-stick or SD-card, you can easily take it with you. If you want more information about encryption, have a look on the internet.

Generate a password

If you immediately need a password, you can now easily create one. Choose the number of characters, and which characters you want to use. Press generate and password manager will create an automatically generated strong password. Each character is chosen separately from 4 tables of characters, so each password is always unique.

There is no option to decrypt your data if you have lost your key, so be careful not to lose it.