Peusens software is engaged in designing and building applications for the MS Windows OS.

I'm a hobby software developer from the Netherlands. My goal is to make simple programs that are not too big but do a useful job. Be easy to understand and quick to use by any user. The software offered on this website can be downloaded for free as being Freeware. As an author, I grant the license to use, redistribute (in unaltered form), without asking any compensation for it. I don't have an official software certificate so I can't digitally sign my programs. Such certificates are so expensive that they are simply not used. Unfortunately, MS Windows will now immediately give a warning message as soon as you start it. It is up to you to consider whether you trust it. If you download it from this website, you can assume that there is no virus in it and no private data will be stolen. I hope it is of use to you and if you have a question or a comment, please send me an email.

by Michel Peusens

online sinds: July 07, 2020