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Augustus 2022

Website migration

Around the first week of October 2022, the Peusens Software website will be terminated on this domain name and provider.

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Juli 2022

Game Cleaner v3.0.17

- If you close Game Cleaner, an error may occur. This has to do with not finding two folders 'images' and 'thumb'. Those folders are normally created when you search for screenshots. If you don't search for screenshots you will get this error. When you search for screenshots once, this will no longer occur. Because the correct folders have then been created. It has been fixed in the next version yet to be released.

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Game Cleaner v3.0.16

- (Screenshots viewer) Sometimes an index error occurs when there is a duplicate image in game cleaner's images directory. Removing all the images from that directory will solve this problem. (C:\Program Files (x86)\PeusensSoftware\GameCleaner\images)

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Juni 2022
Mei 2022

Google Analytics

I have disconnected Google Analytics from this website. Due to the new privacy rules in The Netherlands, it is no longer legal to collect data about visitors and their behavior because this data can be shared automatically. I think it's better not to use this anymore, I don't want to share data with Google about my visitors and their behavior. I only use the standard build-in visitor tracker from my website host to view my website traffic globally.

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GameCleaner v3.0.11

1 red flag : W32.AIDetectNet.01 (W32 is used to retrieve current PC hardware data to display current CPU usage and other data.)

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Oktober 2021

Paypal pools ending

Paypal will no longer support savings pools or donation pools at the end of October 2021. Unfortunately, the donation pool can then no longer be used to donate to Peusens Software.If you like you can paypal donate via the email address: support@peusens-software.nl or use the button donate on the homepage.

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Password Manager Lite

For a longer time period i was planning to make this application to store my passwords. Here too, a mountain of passwords arose, and the idea came up to make one program that can also be used by others. Many programs I found on the Internet were very difficult, huge and complicated. This one is very easy. Just add all of your website logins and choose one PIN to save everything in an encrypted file. The data that is parsed to the file is encrypted using 3DES Encryption, and it's almost impossible to crack.   I was a little to quick releasing the first version, that's why i have a new version one day later. This version (v1.0.2.32) is more a working and complete application. I also signed the assembly because virustotal came with 3 warnings. Still virustotal gives 2 warnings even one trojan warning.   I use this application to, because, i can't find a simpler one on the internet, and i have a lot of passwords. I hope you all like it , and trust it.

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