Screenshot issues in Game Cleaner

Gepubliceerd op 5 mei 2022 om 00:31

I'm sorry to say but there's a bug in the Game Cleaner 'screenshots tab'.

Not the correct image is removed due wrong index issue and wrong title is placed on top of the images.

You can download the update to v3.0.12 inside Game Cleaner or on this website.


What's the problem: Wrong image is shown under the filename. (The images will be deleted according to the filename next to the checkbox.)


I cancelled v3.0.11 because it contains a serious bug in the screenshot section. Now I had written a small update but the problem is partly still there. If you select and delete individual screenshots, it is possible that other screenshot will be deleted, which is still present in version 3.0.12. If you remove all screenshots then there's no problem. So for now its better to manage screenshots in your Steam platform.


I get this fixed and post v3.0.13 next month, i will be more carefully in the future.

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