GameCleaner v3.0.10

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Known Issues:

- Previous version v3.0.9 does not update to v3.0.10 automatically.

- In an exceptional case an index error may occur. This is due to an incorrect number of thumbnails in the thumb directory of Game Cleaner. Restarting Game Cleaner will fix this. You can also empty the 'thumb' folder.

- After scanning, the text 'User helper logs' will change to 'UI helper logs'

- An error occurs when the user searches for screenshots when there are no screenshots in the Steam folder.


- Bug fixed: CPU hardware info label showing wrong data.
- Removed: Time notification on the top-right.
- Updated to .NET Framework 4.8
- Updated the save and load settings function.
- Changed: The icons and notify-images of Game Cleaner.
- Added: More custom game location to scan also on other drives.
- Added: GPU (videomemory) to the hardware info bar.
- Added: A startup search script to find main target paths automatically.
- Added: Screenshot tab to select and review the found screenshots (Steam).
- Added: More scan options to the EPIC games tab.


- GameCleaner creates a new settings file the old one will be deleted.
- When the file screenshot.vdf is deleted by GameCleaner, Steam will generate a new one when you restart Steam. screenshot.vdf contains data about screenshots for Steam.
- GameCleaner makes copies, in the form of thumbnails, of your screenshots to display them in the interface. Because the original ones cannot be removed when they are in use. The small thumbnails will be deleted next time you start GameCleaner.

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