Work in progress on GameCleaner v3.0.10

Gepubliceerd op 10 december 2021 om 01:00

Work in progress on GameCleaner v3.0.10

Around the third week of December 2021 I will put the next version of Game Cleaner online. That will be the Game Cleaner v3.0.10 beta version.

I have again received many messages about possible improvements and extensions from users thanks for this!

*Subject to change, changes may still be made.

Here's a summary of the changes so far:

  • It is now possible to find the correct work locations automatically, and you can still adjust this yourself.
  • Ability to view, select and delete screenshots.
  • More scanning options also for the Epic games platform.
  • More custom game locations can be added to scan for junk also on other disc locations as well.
  • Various visual improvements to the UI.
  • And it will be more user-friendly.
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