ScrapIt v1.0.2

Gepubliceerd op 7 november 2021 om 14:59

3 flags because assembly is not digitally signed.


Securely destroy your files!

Normally only the pointer label is removed from the disk and not the actual file contents itself. Other programs can still find your files after you delete them. This program will overwrite the content.


Key features:

  • Overwrites content of a file.
  • Securely deletes your files.
  • Operation shown in output window.

Known issues:


  • It is not possible to remove an selected item from the list. It will be removed from the list but will still be destroyed and delete from disk. (add only files if you are 100% sure you like to destroy them.)
  • Error occurs when pressed 'Destroy'-button if there are no items added to the list.


  • Now it's possible to destroy bigger files faster.
  • Changed the interface to be more resizable.
  • Changed look, Icon and images.

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