GameCleaner v3.0.8

Gepubliceerd op 11 juli 2021 om 20:06

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Known issues:

  • EPIC Games has changed its folder structure, So GameCleaner v3.0.8 cannot find the new localfolder webcache_4147
  • GameCleaner must be run as administrator to get write permissions.


  • The colors of the user interface have changed slightly.
  • The general scan script has been simplified and improved.
  • Improved splash screen with option to close open game platforms.
  • Added icon down-left next to computer information.
  • Completely removed the auto-find file & folder localize script.
  • Added default file locations, now visible on first start.
  • Made small changes to make it more universal.
  • Updated the target .NET Framework to 4.6.

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