GameCleaner v3.0.6

Gepubliceerd op 16 april 2021 om 13:15

I'm still busy making game cleaner better at the moment.

Here's a brief description of what I'm doing,

Searching for the right file locations becomes easier, you have to fill in less. The program will find all other places based on the specified steam location. Now it is also possible to specify multiple game places if you do not have everything in one standard place installed. So for example on a different SSD. Saving the settings will also be better. The search is now more organized thanks to the improved progress bar that indicates the current position in the number of files. This makes it easier to see what time you still need to search a specific folder. The other progress bar will show the steps still to be completed. I have removed the option to delete windows temp files, the reason is that there are very few gaming related files that need to be deleted in that location. Because many controls are no longer needed, GameCleaner will perform better. I hope you like GameCleaner so far and I'm doing everything I can to get it technically as universal and perfect as possible for everyone to use easily. The next update (v3.0.6) of the program will be between April 18 and 25, 2021 if all goes well

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