Password Manager Lite - New features

Gepubliceerd op 19 maart 2021 om 23:50

Recently I started a new program called Password Manager Lite,


I also had a mountain of login details but always had trouble keeping this information safe.
I myself use Password manager lite every day, it is very useful if you spend a lot of time on different websites. You don't have to remember anything. If you have become a new member of a website or forums, you can easily add them. You just have to remember your own key that gives access to all your added data. The key consists of three properties, encryption mode, key color and pincode. The PIN can have a maximum of 128 characters and a long PIN is more secure than a short code. For me it was easy to add changes to it because I use it daily and then you can see what could be better. The version 1.0.8 has the security addition of key color. This has not been implemented in the previous version 1.0.7 so 1.0.8 will ignore this option the first time and open the encrypted file anyway. As soon as you save again you will have to choose a key color if you don't choose a keycolor the standard color 'red' is taken. This program is very secure i know nobody ho can crack the generated file so thats good enough for me. Unfortunately it is not possible to add multiple users or files. So it's really a good place to store your data offline.


I've already had a situation where a backup was needed twice so don't forget this. I don't want to think about having to look up all that information.

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