Password Manager Lite

Gepubliceerd op 19 januari 2021 om 00:53

For a longer time period i was planning to make this application to store my passwords.

Here too, a mountain of passwords arose, and the idea came up to make one program that can also be used by others. Many programs I found on the Internet were very difficult, huge and complicated. This one is very easy. Just add all of your website logins and choose one PIN to save everything in an encrypted file. The data that is parsed to the file is encrypted using 3DES Encryption, and it's almost impossible to crack.
I was a little to quick releasing the first version, that's why i have a new version one day later.

This version (v1.0.2.32) is more a working and complete application. I also signed the assembly because virustotal came with 3 warnings. Still virustotal gives 2 warnings even one trojan warning.


I use this application to, because, i can't find a simpler one on the internet, and i have a lot of passwords. I hope you all like it , and trust it.


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