Online scan with VirusTotal

Gepubliceerd op 10 oktober 2020 om 23:38

There are virus scanners that warn about Peusens programs.

This is because the Assembly of the program is not signed ("digital signatures"). I have omitted this. So there is nothing wrong and you can still use it. To prove this; i have now, on the new version of Game Cleaner, after .388, signed it's Assembly and also his Dynamic Link Library (W32.DLL). After the scan with virustotal online i get this result. did a scan on the version of Game Cleaner v2.0.17.388 the version with no signed assembly and you get this result from VirusTotal. (Other than this, you will still see in 'details', on VirusTotal, that the executable file is not signed.) Hopefully this clears up some concerns.

In the upcoming published programs and updates, I will focus more on the program signing process to minimize virus warnings.


Note that: Different then 'Assembly signing' there is also 'Double executable signing' (sign binaries using SHA1 and SHA2), and this is something i won't do because the certificate is to expensive (300€ EUR a year).


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