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Gepubliceerd op 10 september 2020 om 22:17

Project Game Cleaner


The project actually came about by chance. I had been regularly playing games on the computer for some time and actually noticed that more and more junk files were being created. For example, 'Early Access' games, a few favorite games i own generate log files every day, imagine if you play this game for a year!

On the internet I could not really find a good program that had this as its main function, i found one program only for finding DX .CAB files, so I started thinking about my own version. Game Cleaner has been built from scratch based around a file search system, there has been a lot of reading on the internet about the problems surrounding the Steam platform. I saw that many users were complaining about logs, junk files, Direct-X packages, etc. There were so many topics about that. I partly used that data to make main features about it.

Game Cleaner effective and better. After some time, it got to the point where it could use it without too many errors. It took a while to find the right visual design, which is why it has been changed several times throughout the versions.


I hope you like Game Cleaner, try it and remove some generated junk to... :-)


Some users have contacted me, by email, about finding the right place where Steam is installed. At first, the program only checks in the default location, C: \, and not, for example, on an SSD or second disk. This has been taken into account and a separate 'settings' page has been added. Game Cleaner itself first searches on all disks for the correct working directories if they are not found then there is a cross. The user must then specify the location where Steam can be found. This system has been well tested and works, in my opinion, perfectly if no more complaints are heard. I also use the Game Cleaner program and find it quite useful. The first time a mountain of data appeared. A lot of data. I don't use that data and really couldn't find an important reason to which preserve nearly 5GB of data. It's just not a program to use often, the amount of data generated isn't that high either. It is still under development and I want to add more things and make improvements where necessary. Recently I am working on adding EPIC Games and Uplay of which EPIC is already included and also finding all the games that are installed is now listed. It will take a while. I enjoy working on this project so it will be fine .... Thanks to all users who have made the effort to try Game Cleaner and may still be using it.

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