Securely destroy your files!


Normally only the pointer label is removed from the disk and not the actual file contents itself. Other programs can still find your files after you delete them. This program will overwrite the content.


Key features:

  • Overwrites content of a file.
  • Securely deletes your files.
  • Operation shown in output window.
  • Files can not be recovered with recovery programs.


Find proof that ScrapIt works.

I took a screenshot to try and destroy it by ScrapIt. After this tried to restore the image to be able to view it again. Piriform Recuva was used to make this happen. I will show the results below. Note that the filename and extension not have been changed.

I found the specific file in (Piriform) Recuva. Marked as Unrecoverable!

Then put the file back on the desktop to view its contents.

It was still a PNG-file and opened it in Notepad to see the content.

The PNG image is no longer viewable and the content is just a bunch of "#" characters!