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GameCleaner - Cleanup Steam, Ubisoft Connect and EPIC games.

The following data can be found and deleted to freeup diskspace:

  • DirectX, DotNet, VCRedist, PhysX used installation packages.
  • Steam, Ubisoft Connect and EPIC Games cache data.
  • Log files generated by games installed on your system.
  • Empty folders in Steam's userdata folder.
  • Screenshots and their thumbnails you made in game with Steam.

Password Manager Lite

Keep all your website login details safe offline.

  • 3DES or AES blockchain encryption.
  • One key to open your database.
  • Add unlimited amount of websites.
  • Very fast login times.
  • Easy add, change or delete your websites.
  • Just remember one private key to access all your websites.
  • Option to generate a strong password.


Easiest way to gain access to Windows 7 or 10 GodMode.

  • Only one button!
  • All settings available in one window.
  • Click on the shortcut on desktop created by the program.
  • No complex typing to enter, just slide the button.


Keep an eye on processes!

  • Prevent a process from starting.
  • Track started and stopped processes.
  • Force a process to stop.


Latest Updates

ForceEnd v1.1.4 (16July2021)

Password Manager Lite v1.0.11 (16July2021)

Godmode v1.0.2 (16July2021)

GameCleaner v3.0.8 (11July2021)


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