PEUSENS software

GameCleaner - Cleanup Steam, Uplay and EPIC games.

The following data can be found and deleted to freeup diskspace:

  • Used DirectX, DotNet, VCRedist, PhysX installation packages.
  • Cache data from game libraries Steam, Uplay and EPIC Games.
  • Log files generated by games installed on your system.
  • Empty folders in steam userdata folder.
  • Screenshots and their thumbnails you made in game.

Password Manager Lite

Keep all your website login details safe offline.

  • AES blockchain encryption.
  • One key to open your database.
  • Add unlimited amount of websites.
  • Very fast login times.
  • Easy add, change or delete your websites.
  • Just remember your private key to access all websites.

Latest Updates

  • Game Cleaner v3.0.6 (17Apr2021)
  • Password Manager Lite v1.0.9 (02Apr2021)
  • Password Generator v1.0.8.29 (27Dec2020)
  • ForceEnd v1.1.2.47b (05Nov2020)
  • Godmode v1.0.1.27 (26Aug2020)

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