Game Cleaner

Cleanup program for gamers!

Most important features:

  • Remove unnecessary files to freeup diskspace.
  • Cleanup Steam, EPIC Games and Ubisoft Connect.
  • Can remove log files generated by individual games.
  • Remove used install packages from DirectX, DotNet, VCRedist, PhysX.
  • Manage screenshots you made with Steam.
  • Option to review the found data before deleting them.
  • Option to scan for empty folders in Steam's main location.
  • Checks for new update automatically.

For best performance run Game Cleaner as administrator!

Only available for MS Windows.

Only available for MS Windows.


Securely destroy files!

  • With this program you can securely destroy files.
  • Not only the reference to the file on your disk is removed.
  • Now also the real content gets destroyed.
  • The content is repeatedly overwritten with other random data.
  • Drag and drop the files to ScrapIt to add them.
  • Possible to destroy bigger files.

Password Manager Lite

Keep all your website login details safe offline.

  • Choose between 3DES or AES blockchain encryption.
  • All content stays encrypted on disk, also when you open the file.
  • Add unlimited amount of websites.
  • Very fast login times.
  • Perfect for USB-stick or SD-card.
  • One private key to access all your websites.
  • Option to generate a very strong password.
  • Quickly find your website with the search-bar.
  • Automatically closes after 10 minutes.

Windows GodMode

Easiest way to gain access to Windows 7 or 10 GodMode.

  • Only one button!
  • All settings available in one window.
  • Click on the shortcut on desktop created by the program.
  • No complex typing to enter, just slide the button.

Latest Updates

Password Manager Lite v1.0.16 (25/06/2022)

Game Cleaner v3.0.15 (20/06/2022)

Latest News

Google Analytics

I have disconnected Google Analytics from this website. Due to the new privacy rules in The Netherlands, it is no longer legal to collect data about visitors and their behavior because this data can be shared automatically. I think it's better not to use this anymore, I don't want to share data with Google about my visitors and their behavior. I only use the standard build-in visitor tracker from my website host to view my website traffic globally.

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THANK YOU ! you are the best, enjoy your day ^^


I tried your app, and it looks awesome.


I very much like your password program very easy to use and I can have it on a usb-stick and like how it backups.


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